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Monday, 30 July 2012

12 weeks until holiday!

Yesterday me and two of my friends book a holiday to Malta! I am beyond excited already and we aren't even going until October (but 12 weeks sounds sooooo much closer!) I brought a guide book the other day and the country looks amazing, the sea looks clear and there is lots of old buildings to look at and lot of mentions of craft markets (yay!) and flea markets. I can't quite picture the size of the island, there is a walk in the guidebook which takes you from the north coast to central Malta in just 4 hours. I can't imagine an entire country so small.

The sea looks so clear!


The entire country fits into a picture from a plane it is insane!!

I have holiday booked starting tomorrow so will be able to catch you up on my crafting over the next week. I have sent and received my handmade heart swap so will do a post about that. I have also nearly finished the Popular Crafts #polkadotswap. My partner in the swap has already posted my parcel so I need to get a wriggle on!

I will post again very soon!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm in love...with Tilda!

I've seen the dolls and angels popping up for the past year or so and thought they were ok but nothing special but recently I  REALLY want one. A blog I follow talesfromhomemadehouse yesterday did a post about her tilda angel called Cecelia which resulted in me searching for the books and patterns to make my very own.

I didn't realise how big they are but they sizes seem to range from 50-80cm which just adds to the appeal as no ridiculously small pieces! The problem now is I can't decide which one I want to make the most!

I love the sewing one as it would sit very nicely in my craft area (and would give me an excuse to make a proper craft area) but I also like just the angel...there is loads of different choices for clothes for the dolls as well (too many decisions for me to make)

But then there is the christmas ranges......but they would only come out at christmas time so I would obviously need them in addition to an all year round doll!

There isn't just the dolls though they have little friends like bunnies and bears and christmas decorations which makes me think it would be better for me to buy a book with patterns in instead of a kit but I can't decide which one I NEED more!!!

I did loads of overtime last month so I decided I should treat myself to something but I just can't decide what as everything is so lovely. I have a week off work at the beginning of august and plan to just do crafting and olympic watching the entire time so need to decide soon so I can add it to my list!