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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Oops I've not been doing very well at keeping this space updated have I?!

I've been in Australia for 2 months already- blimey time goes quickly! I had Christmas on the beach (very very strange), new year in Sydney before going to Tasmania, Melbourne, Adelaide and finally back the Perth. I'm now on the job hunt because I need money for more travels!!

Being pale skinned with freckles I obviously have an amazing tan from the Aussie sun (after about 2 hours spent on a beach with multiple layers of factor 50 sun cream, most of the time laying on my back, I managed to get a bright red back with the tan lines from my swimming costume- 2 weeks later I'm still crossing my fingers that it will go brown!)

We are heading towards winter now, well I am writing this in over 30 degrees Celsius! So it will be interesting to see how cold it gets in Australia over winter.

I only brought one craft project with me- I had no space for more in my bag and this is very very nearly finished so I will have to go craft supply shopping soon. Such a chore!!

Anyway I best get back to the job hunt!