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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


The other day I found my childhood doll Lulu!

I received Lulu as a present when my brother was born (I guess so I wouldn't feel jealous about all the attention he was getting).

I was almost 2 and my mum was in hospital for 6 weeks before he arrived. My mum told me that when I used to come and visit I would go round talking to all the other ladies in the ward before I went to see her. Now I don't say much at all!

I could never throw Lulu away as she is too much a part of my childhood. She still has the remains of chickenpox (red felt tip pen!) on her from when I had chickenpox!. Her clothes are rather worn and falling apart though so I'm thinking I shall make her some new clothes but have no idea what to make her. She has always worn these blue trousers so I think a dress would just look weird, maybe some dungarees and a top underneath. I want to sew some clothes and then make a knitted cardigan or something and have her out on a chair in my room. She is nothing special but to me she is priceless!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A belated housewarming gift

I have finished my friend Frances' house warming present!!!! She may have moved into her new flat at the beginning of the year but better late than never eh! I didn't know what to make her for her new home but luckily when I went round there for a 'crafternoon' she was flicking through a tea cosy book I was knitting from and requested one so I didn't even have to come up with my own idea!

I started knitting it that very evening as I had all the wool I needed. The main tea cosy was knitted from the left over wool I made her daughter a matinee coat from when she was born- very thrifty!

I got stuck on some parts of the pattern as the book uses some strange terms to decribe stiches but luckily my grandma came to the rescue and evetually (after loosing the tea cosy in a bag for a month or so) I finished it and am rather pleased with how it has turned out:

And a close up of the strawberries:

This is the perfect time to have finished it I think with all the English (and especially Kent) strawberries in season. Also with wimbledon just a few weeks away it will be perfect to have out whilst watching it on the tv! So although I should have finished it sooner (sorry Frances!) the timing has turned out well and I hope she likes it as much as I do!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Trying to organise my recipes!

Been very busy with my uni course again these past few weeks so sorry for my absence in blogland!

Whenever I have a deadline and an essay to writ I always find a million and one other things I could (and would rather) be doing! The other day I decided I needed to sort out under my bed as I haven't opened most of the boxes under there for over a year. What started out as me definitely going to throw out or take to a charity shop everything that was in those boxes ended up with me finding excuses to keep most of it! I didn't return it to the boxes though, I made a deal with myself that if I am keeping it then I have to use it. So most of the stuff is now in a pile in front of my wardrobe!!

I did however find my recipe collectors and recipe journals people have brought me and have decided to write all the scraps of paper with recipes in and websites bookmarked with recipes on my phone into them nice and neatly and organised. Well that is the plan anyway!

I also have a really nice Emma Bridgewater one somewhere, I guess I will have to keep sorting to find it!

I have collected so many of the Sainsbury's recipe cards over the years. I decided to make a concious effort to work my way through them so I know if they are worth keeping. I made a chorizo and pasta dish the other night which was really yummy so that if definitely going in the book.

I also need to copy some recipes from my mums recipe collection so if I can ever afford to move out I will have them ready!

Hope you are having a good week