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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The £20 Christmas Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to do Christmas this year for £20! I know crazy right?! I work in retail and Christmas starts early decorations come out at the end of September and it is a long old slog to Christmas. After working in a shop all day the last thing I can be bothered to do is trudge round the shops buying Christmas presents for my family and friends, spending £100 or so on things they may not even like.

The last few years I have made presents for family members but this still didn't prove to be very cheap (although much more enjoyable than shopping). So this year I am taking the challenge further my £20 Christmas includes:
  • Presents
  • Decorations
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cards
  • Postage
I will be making my Christmas presents as much as I can from bits I already have only buying materials where absolutely necessary. Decorations wise I have quite a lot of bits already so I will make a few bits here and there with stuff from my stash (I have a cushion very nearly finished) and mainly be resisting the urge to buy more stuff!!

I'm going to keep boxes to put presents in and keep the wrapping paper simple- maybe just brown paper with old ribbons I have stashed from last Christmas. I have last years Chrsitmas cards I can use to make tags or to make into new cards.

Is anyone else setting themselves a Christmas challenge this year?