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Monday, 27 May 2013

Stock Making

My Auntie offered to do a little craft stall for me at her local cricket club this bank holiday. I've known about this for about 6 months but I obviously left it all until the last minute to actually make stock for it!

Here are some bits I whipped up in the week before I handed it over to my Auntie!

I managed 3 pairs of rabbit bootees one pink, one neutral and one blue. I'm going to have to make some adult sized ones as I want a pair!!

After being unable to find my stencil brush, which of course showed up as soon as I purchased another one, I made some more bags the london skyline one is my favourite. I was planning on trying out some other cities but leaving everything to the last minute meant I couldn't this time.

And some more scrabble bags to replace some letters I had already sold. No doubt people will want ones I haven't done though!

I was planning a bicycle one with embroidered flowers in the basket but it needed some tweaking before it was ready so has been added to my massive work in progress pile!
I had some other stock including make up bags, cushions, tea cosies and cards as well. I also managed to sew together 3 more hello kitty cushions.
I haven't heard how the stall went yet- which could mean not very well as its been raining down in Somerset all day! But living in the east I've managed to get a sunburnt face!!