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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

February photo a day

I have decided to do the 'February Photo a day' challenge from Fat mum slim's blog. I found her blog part way through January and thought it sounded like a good idea but didn't want to start part way through the month so was very pleased when I saw there was a new one for February.

It's really simple- all you do is take a picture every day in February with the themes below:

I am a bit worried about number 4 where you have to take a picture of a stranger- awkward! I think I will do a blog post on here once a week with the pictures I have taken and then tweet them daily (my twitter name is: @vikki_butlin)

Happy crafting!


Friday, 27 January 2012

Finished Friday 27th January

Hello and welcome to my first Finished Friday on my new blog!

The idea of this post is that you aim to finish a project every friday and this blog is going to spur me on to keep completing projects.

They don't have to be massive projects that you finish every week and most of mine will be little ones that I've half started aages ago but finally got round to finishing.

Today my Finished Friday is two knitted hearts. I am a member of twitknitclub on twitter and our current knitting project has a valentines theme so I decided I would try out knitting some hearts. I plan to make a few more of various sizes (and maybe even attempt to crochet one as part of my plan to teach myself to crochet this year) and in different colours but these will be the biggest ones that I make.

They were really easy and quick to make- only took a couple of hours for each one. The pattern is from ravelry and can be found here. The red one I did a little wrong as I didn't read the pattern properly but I think it still looks ok.

So that is my Finished Friday for today! Feel free to share any pictures of what you are finishing today.

Happy crafting


Thursday, 26 January 2012



Just a general hello and welcome to my new blog!

I haven't really blogged before so I need all the help I can get with what to do! I am hoping to blog about various crafting thoughts and projects I am working on and would love you to join me on my very unorganised journey through the world of crafts.

I need to be more organised in my crafting and am hoping this blog will help to keep me focused on the job in hand and not flit around from project to project never finishing anything!

I want to post something that I am working on every wednesday (work in progress wednesdays) and then a finished project on a friday (finished fridays) but that is all I have come up with so far so feel free to give me any tips and ideas as to other things I can blog about or if you would like a more detailed post on something I post.

I think that is enough waffling for now so until next time...

happy crafting readers