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Saturday, 27 February 2016

A year down under

That's it, it's over. I was in Australia for a whole year and now I'm back in cold, miserable England (seriously I didn't see the sun after I landed for 11 days!)

How does it feel to be back? Have I changed? (and do I have an Australian accent?!) What am I going to do now? These are just some of the questions everyone asks you when you get as soon as you get back from the airport having just been on a plane for 19 hours!

How does it feel to be back? 
This one is hard to describe, it almost feels like another life. A bit like Narnia or a dream. I know I was in Australia (I have thousands of pictures to remind me of this) but it somehow feels like none of it has happened. I have come back and everything is the same like I was never away.

Have I changed? (And do I have an Australian accent?!)
I don't think I have changed as a person. I still like the same things, enjoy doing the same things. I haven't had some kind of epiphany and come back living by a different set of beliefs. But I think being away and travelling on my own has shown me that I actually can do things I didn't think I could but I think I always could do this I just didn't believe it. For example, I have always thought I was quite an introvert and shy person. And whilst I am definitely not the most extrovert person you will ever meet I am not as introvert as I thought. I went out and made friends, both aussie's and fellow travellers, I didn't get the dread in the pit of my stomach about having to join in a group activity or ask strangers for directions or even to answer the phone. I realised how many friends I actually have and somebody with that many friends can't be completely introverted and socially inept right?!
I don't have an Australian accent (I can do some good impressions though!) but then I don't have a particularly good English accent either. People often wouldn't be able to tell I was from England and then the fellow English people couldn't place whereabouts I was from (for a small country we have pretty broad range of accents I think) a lot of Australians thought I was from Melbourne...

What am I going to do now?
This is the hardest question to answer. I don't know! I've never been one of those people who knows what they want to do in life or even which area they want to be in (I really envy those people). I started out wanting to find my 'career', my path in life. Something I would want to do until I retire. But I just don't think there is one thing I want to do for the next 40 years. I know I don't like working in retail so I wanted to steer clear of that. Office work is mega boring but does pay fairly well for not much effort. Then I started to panic that I had been home for 2 months and still didn't have a job and started applying for anything. Then I saw a poster in a local bakery window...and now I am a trainee baker! I have to be at work for 5am 6 days a week but the work is interesting enough at the moment to keep me entertained. Active enough that I don't feel sluggish and lazy like in an office and pays me enough to move out of my parents house (just!). It is the least stressful environment I have worked in. I seem to have enough time to do my work without running around like a headless chicken, they are not ridiculously understaffed (retail I'm looking at you!) there doesn't seem to be the annoying work dramas that go on in bigger places. It's just chilled , turn up do your work, go home and forget about it. I'm finished by lunchtime at the latest. Will I be doing it for the rest of my life? Probably not but for now it is exactly what I want from a job. I just don't think I'm a career person!

Seriously how cute are koalas?!

So what will I be blogging about in the future? There will be a few more Australia posts (sorry it gets boring I know but it's the most exciting thing I've done with my life!) then it's back onto the crafts and the baking and I think I want to share some of my money saving tips with you (people keep asking me for advice so maybe I am actually good at something!) so goodbye for now- I promise I am back into the regular blogging now rather than the yearly blogging I seem to have been doing recently!

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