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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Handmade Heart Swap

You may remember me mentioning a while ago about a heart swap I signed up to on Mary Poppins blog? I was partnered with the lovely Jayne and we exchanged a few emails about likes and dislikes and what we do etc etc. It turned out we like similar things and what we were struggling with was making 5 things with the theme of hearts! We both got crafting and last week sent our items to each other.

Here is what I received from Jayne:

Some crochet bunting which I have put up on my mirror. The wool is multicoloured!!

Some lovely handmade earings which will definitely be going in my suitcase on holiday.

Some knitted wrist warmers which will come in very handy when playing my flute outside near christmas.

A matching tissue box cover and padded coat hanger which have both been put to good use.

Two christmas decorations. They have a cross stitch design stitched onto them, I can't wait until christmas so I can put them up now!

There was also a Tilda card which I have put into a frame but I forgot to take a picture of it but trust me it was lovely!

This is what I sent Jayne:

There is a cushion with applique hearts going round to (hopefully) look like a flower. A tiny knitted heart bunting (I love that we both sent mini bunting!!!), a book mark with cross stitch and embroidery, a heart-shaped ceramic dish that I included a recipe with called 'impossible pudding' and a lavender hear sachet with felt hearts decreasing in size stitched to the top.

I have really enjoyed this swap so thank you to Mary Poppins for organising it. Swaps challenge you to make different things and try out new ideas and 'meet' like minded people along the way, me and Jayne are already planning a Christmas themed swap between ourselves!

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  1. I loved the things you sent me in the swop. Look forward to our Christmas exchange, can't wait to see what you come up with xx